Crypto Sports presents: CSPN Deathmatch Arena

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2021/07/05 - 05:23 AM EST
Category: development

The CSPN Team is thrilled and excited to launch the first Internal Platform Game: “CSPN Deathmatch Arena”. This is a cartoon graphics Skill based shooter game which features a Free For All arena where you can slaughter each other with Sniper Rifles, Rocket Launchers and even get close and personal with a Knife! ^^

The game is browser/html5 compatible and is fully automated in the transfer of player data and match result submission: This means matches are quicker to resolve on the platform without needing additional manual intervention - just play your best and the winner is automatically recorded on the Platform directly.

New Content will be added over time, including Maps, Weapons, Characters and even Cosmetics.

The plan is to launch into Beta on the Platform after a few more rounds of internal testing, so everyone will be able to get their hands on the game in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile check out the attached Gameplay Demonstration Video which covers a quick 1on1 round from match creation to automatic score submission.

This represents the very first step toward building a large library of Internal Platform Games that everyone will be able to play right from within the Platform itself. We have many more games in the pipeline and hope to see everyone playing with us!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

- Your CSPN Team -