CSPN Development Update #11 - New Contest System Features

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2021/10/06 - 10:52 AM EST
Category: development

Hello CSPN Community,

we integrated some new features for the Contest System today to further improve the usability:

1. "[+] Make available for Direct Challenges"-Button

Gamers can now add themselves to the Leaderboard with a score of 0 to make themselves available for Direct Challenges prior to scoring in the Contest. This simplifies the step to find gamers to play with that also want to participate in the Contest.

2. Contest Availability Check on Match Creation

Whenever a gamer creates a match, the system checks if there is a Contest available for the made selection and will inform the gamer about the Contest in detail inside the date and time field so they can make adjustments to their match to meet the requirements in case they like to participate in the Contest.

3. FAQ Section on the Contest Detail Page

We added the Contest-FAQ Section as a Tab next to the Game Rules to let gamers find their answers to their questions faster and without leaving the Contest Detail Page. We will also add FAQ Sections to Match Detail Pages and other Areas where it feels needed.

Go and check it out on https://www.cspn.pro .

-Your CSPN Team-