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Update on CSPN Crypto Coin and OneFanToken (Moguls)

Hi CSPN Community,

I’m happy to announce this today. After becoming CEO 17 months ago, our team has worked tirelessly to bring us to this pivotal moment.  We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ecosystem’s first phase: our game, “Don’t Tap Out.” This game trend has already proven its popularity in a different token, generating an impressive $1 billion in volume. Now, we have tailored “Don’t Tap Out” specifically for CSPN, adding unique features to enhance the experience. 

This game is our first step in growing our community and achieving our goal of getting listed on one of the top 15 exchanges.  Our second phase will be announced in 5 weeks as we reveal the new name and brand for Onefantoken, which will launch live in September 2024. 

We are excited to launch the “Don’t Tap Out” game as a promotional initiative to boost CSPN tokens. We are starting with testing on July 6th and an official launch on July 20-27th.  This game aims to secure free listings on major exchanges and generate advertising revenue. With potential sponsorships and partnerships, including discussions with a top 15 exchange, our promotional efforts are gaining traction. 

Our community leader, TLPOZCLK, and new team member Shayna S, who helped create and market the NBA Top Shop, will spearhead promotional efforts, “The “Don’t Tap Out” game will feature competitive elements, special guests and a mascot to enhance engagement. 

About “Don’t Tap Out” 

“Don’t Tap Out” has recently gained popularity on Telegram and brings a fresh perspective to click-and-earn games, significantly contributing to the growth of our CSPN community. The game offers several features for active user engagement: 

– Level System and Special Point Earning Scheme:  Players’ levels are determined based on the points they earn, with each level having its unique point-earning scheme. 

– Farm Feature:  Players can earn points by farming every 8 hours. 

– Sending Points to Friends: Players can send earned points to friends. 

– Point Swap Capability: Players can swap the points they earn. 

– Wallet Section:  Players can purchase various items with their points, accelerating their character development. 

“Don’t Tap Out” enhances users’ social interactions, making our CSPN community even more vibrant, and introduces an eagerly anticipated innovation among gaming enthusiasts. 

CSPN Token has demonstrated stability and holds significant potential with a total supply of only 13 million tokens, reinforcing its exclusivity. 

Join us in this exciting journey. 

As we launch “Don’t Tap Out” and continue to expand our ecosystem, we are committed to fostering a robust and engaged community. The growth of CSPN and the success of our tokens depend on your support and enthusiasm. Together, we can achieve incredible milestones and elevate CSPN to new heights. 

Get ready to be part of something extraordinary. Let’s grow, innovate, and succeed together! 


Tonya Fox