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CSPN: Where Passion Meets Platform!

Unite with creators, engage with fans, and experience a world where every moment counts.

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Welcome to CSPN, the ultimate destination for influencers and their dedicated followers spanning all entertainment avenues. 

Dive into our Social Network, where influencers and fans unite.

Boost connections with the ONEFANTOKEN Platform, offering unique fan experiences.

Unleash excitement in our Gaming Ecosystem.

Snatch exclusive finds in our Digital Asset Marketplace.

Step into the future with CSPN, where every fan and creator finds their space!


Fueling the CSPN economy with fan-creator bonds. Unique tokens amplify engagement, driving platform activity and value.

Unified Social Experience

The heartbeat of CSPN. A melting pot where fans and creators boost platform vibrancy, ensuring constant interaction and growth.

Gaming Ecosystem

Gaming meets rewards. Every play, every achievement, enriches the CSPN economy, making it more robust and dynamic.

Digital Asset Marketplace

Trade and thrive. Every digital asset transaction not only signifies ownership but also injects vitality into the CSPN economic cycle.

Embrace the CSPN Movement

Step into a dynamic global community, uniting enthusiasts across sports, gaming, entertainment, and beyond. Our community is the heartbeat of our expansive vision. Join us and be at the forefront of a revolution that transcends traditional boundaries.


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Investors looking to buy CSPN token can easily do so on ProBit Exchange, a popular cryptocurrency trading platform known for its high liquidity, security, and user-friendly interface.

The CSPN Token operates on the Polygon Network and is the core currency used within the CSPN Hub allowing users to bid, buy and bet across the entire CSPN Ecosystem with secure transactions and low fees. CSPN’s strong tokenomics includes a very low supply of 13.37 million tokens, a large staking pool and even tokens set aside for special community airdrops.

Meet the CSPN PROS




With 15 years of leadership experience, TDM is changing the game for CSPN. Drawing on an extensive background in the NFT platform industry, TDM is charting a new course for CSPN that prioritizes engineering and development instead of the usual hope of big partnerships. Under TDM’s leadership, CSPN is poised to reach new heights in 2023 and beyond.




Meet Akatosh, a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for the exciting world of cryptocurrency. With 3 years of experience in the industry, Akatosh has a deep understanding of the complexities of blockchain technology and the constantly evolving cryptocurrency market.



Lead Game Dev

ITK is an experienced game developer and is a key member of the CSPN team, responsible for developing and integrating mobile games, platform games, and the Steam integration on the CSPN gaming platform. Additionally, ITK will work on improving the user experience for gamers and developers by providing free open SDKs for game engines, making it easy for indie developers to create and monetize their games with Digital Assets on the CSPN platform.


Community Manager

Kasim, a maestro in health and fitness, is not just well-versed with the crypto world but has been a pillar of support for the CSPN Project since its inception in 2019. His dedication, expertise, and passion make him the perfect fit to steer our community. With Kasim at the helm, we’re set to achieve greater heights and foster a vibrant, informed, and engaged community.