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Introducing Crypto Sports

Introducing Crypto Sports

Crypto Sports builds a bridge between esports and the crypto world, offering gamers and developers innovative ways to connect and provide opportunities for every gamer, whether casual or professional, to make money by doing what they love, thanks to the Crypto Sports Network and the crypto currency, CSPN.

The Crypto Sports Network

With the Crypto Sports Network, our key focus is to maximize our development in the blockchain technology alongside other integrations for gamers and developers. The vision of the network is to offer gamers a new and comfortable environment providing them with full support where they can connect with other gamers, stay up to date on the latest esports news, increase their fan base and connect with followers & clan members.

In addition to this, gamers can also win prizes in CSPN by playing against fellow gamers, participating in tournaments or contests. This also gives a way for gamers to purchase hard- and software as well as merchandise with their earned CSPN coins within our very own eStore.

Join the Crypto Sports Network now!

The Crypto Sports Network

The Crypto Sports Network Functionality

  • Communication


    Users can communicate with each other by using the provided chat and blogging functionality.         

  • Matches


    Gamers/clans can play against each other in ranked matches and optionally put stakes on a match while both sides agree on a specific CSPN amount to put into the prize pot and the winner gets it all.

  • Tournaments


    Gamers/clans can participate in tournaments to win prizes. Official tournament matches are being supervised by CSPN staff members.

  • Contests


    Users can participate in different contests to win prizes. Tasks can vary from designing a new header image up to winning the most 1on1 matches in a certain period of time.

  • Livestreaming


    Viewers have the ability to support Let‘s Players by sending tips in CSPN as well as executing interactions to have some fun with the other viewers and to help the streamer climb up the Crypto Sports scoreboard.

  • Crowdfunding


    Verified game developers can use the Crypto Sports crowd funding functionality to raise funds for their projects in CSPN and let funders take part in its development.

  • E-store


    In the Crypto Sports eStore users are able to buy gaming hardware & equipment, software in form of digital download codes & license keys as well as merchandise with CSPN.

  • News Blog

    News blog

    The Crypto Sports news blog keeps users up to date about what‘s actually happening in the esports world.

The Crypto Sports

CSPN stands for Crypto Sports Network and is also the core of the eponymous platform. Besides Proof-of-Stake (PoS), CSPN also provides Masternode (MN) functionality which is fully integrated into the Crypto Sports ecosystem and allows instant and secure private peer to peer transactions within the Crypto Sports Network.

Crypto Sports
MN / PoS / Superblock
Reward split
76% / 19% / 5%
Block reward
2.8 CSPN (annually decreasing by 6.7%)
Block time
MN collateral
1337 CSPN (l33t)
Max supply
13.37M CSPN
Premine (old supply)
3,093,000 CSPN

CSPN Profit Diagram

Block 1 (premine), block 2 - 7,500 (0 Reward Phase)

Blocks (from - to) Block reward MN reward PoS reward Superblock
7,501 - 9,999 2.8 CSPN 2.128 CSPN 0.546 CSPN -
10,000 - 20,000 2.8 CSPN 2.0216 CSPN 0.6384 CSPN 0.14 CSPN
20,001 - 291,300 2.8 CSPN 2.128 CSPN 0.532 CSPN 0.14 CSPN
291,301 - 816,900 2.61 CSPN 1.9836 CSPN 0.4959 CSPN 0.1305 CSPN
816,901 - 1,342,500 2.44 CSPN 1.8544 CSPN 0.4636 CSPN 0.122 CSPN
1,342,501 - 1,868,100 2.27 CSPN 1.7252 CSPN 0.4313 CSPN 0.1135 CSPN
1,868,101 - 2,393,700 2.12 CSPN 1.6112 CSPN 0.4028 CSPN 0.106 CSPN
2,393,701 - 2,919,300 1.98 CSPN 1.5048 CSPN 0.3762 CSPN 0.099 CSPN
2,919,301 - 3,444,900 1.85 CSPN 1.406 CSPN 0.3515 CSPN 0.0925 CSPN
3,444,901 - 3,970,500 1.72 CSPN 1.3072 CSPN 0.3268 CSPN 0.086 CSPN
3,970,501 - 4,496,100 1.61 CSPN 1.2236 CSPN 0.3059 CSPN 0.0805 CSPN
4,496,101 - end 1.5 CSPN 1.14 CSPN 0.285 CSPN 0.075 CSPN

The Crypto Sports Roadmap

  • Get CSPN ready.

    Prepare the redemption platform for automated swapping of HTRC, VYI & GOSS to CSPN.

    Publish the Crypto Sports landing page.

    Release the CSPN wallet to the public.

    Let the public redemption take place.

    List CSPN on first exchange.

    Publish the official Crypto Sports website.

    Create the promotional banner and advertise CSPN.

    Closed alpha testing the Crypto Sports Network Platform (CSPN Platform) base functionality: gamer & clan profiles, chat functionality, match system.

    Release of the official Crypto Sports whitepaper.

    Official CSPN Platform Beta Launch.
  • Listing CSPN on additional Exchanges

    Adding new games to the CSPN Platform

    Extending the CSPN Core Team

    Improving the UI of the CSPN Platform and adding a FAQ Section

    Boosting CSPN's social media activity

    Improving the CSPN Core Wallet

    Start building the CSPN Contest System (CSPN CS)

    Finalizing and Testing the CSPN CS

    Releasing the CSPN CS

    Running and Marketing first CSPN Contests

    Partnering with various gaming organizations by utilizing the CSPN Referral System

    Start building the CSPN Tournament System (CSPN TS)

    Finalizing and Testing the CSPN TS

    Implementing a Tournament Qualification System based on Experience Points

    Hosting and Marketing the first official CSPN Tournament with sponsored prizes to win

    Creating new trading pairs on existing exchanges

    Start building CSPN's Official Internal Platform Games Framework for Game Developers (CSPN IPGF)

    Finalizing and Testing the CSPN IPGF

    Releasing the CSPN IPGF

    Releasing the first official CSPN Internal Platform Game (CSPN IPG)

    Marketing the CSPN IPGF and IPG

    Marketing the CSPN Platform (Banners, Interviews, Reviews and Articles on various sites and media channels)

    Looking for ways to integrate NFT into the CSPN eco system

  • Frequently Hosting and Marketing CSPN Tournaments

    Extending the CSPN Core Team

    Building the new CSPN Mobile Wallet for Android and iOS (CSPN MW)

    Testing the CSPN MW

    Releasing the CSPN MW

    Marketing the CSPN MW

    Improving the CSPN Core Wallet

    Adding new games to the CSPN Platform

    Building the CSPN „Vote for Your Game“-System (CSPN VYG)

    Finalizing and Testing the CSPN VYG

    Releasing the CSPN VYG

    Building the CSPN IPG 24/7 Tournament System (CSPN IPG TS)

    Finalizing and Testing the CSPN IPG TS

    Releasing the CSPN IPG TS

    Marketing the CSPN IPG TS

  • Frequently Hosting and Marketing CSPN Tournaments and Contests

    Extending the CSPN Core Team

    Improving the CSPN Core Wallet

    Adding new games to the CSPN Platform

    Continue the development of the CSPN Clan Wars System (CSPN CWS)

    Finalizing and Testing the CSPN CWS

    Releasing the CSPN CWS

    Marketing the CSPN CWS

    Building the official CSPN Online Store (CSPN OS)

    Releasing the CSPN OS

    Marketing the CSPN OS

    Building the CSPN Mobile Games Framework for Game Developers (CSPN MGF)

    Finalizing and Testing the CSPN MGF

    Releasing the CSPN MGF

    Releasing the first official CSPN Mobile Game utilizing the CSPN MGF

    Marketing the CSPN MGF

  • Frequently Hosting and Marketing CSPN Tournaments and Contests

    Extending the CSPN Core Team

    Building the CSPN Live-Streaming System with Tipping Functionality (CSPN LSS)

    Finalizing and Testing the CSPN LSS

    Releasing the CSPN LSS

    Marketing the CSPN LSS

    Listing CSPN on additional Exchanges

    Providing Direct Buy Options for CSPN

The Crypto Sports Team

Mason A. CEO
Patrick H. COO & CTO
Peter B. Strategic Partnerships
Gershom B. UX Design & Social Media Management
Alexandros C. Technical Support & Market research
Kasim B. Turkish Content Manager